Test in social studies

As of the 17th of March 2021, many test centres that organise the Norwegian language and Social Studies tests, are closed due to the Covid pandemic. If your test centre is closed, you will not be able to take any test before it opens again. Your test centre will contact you by SMS and email with more information. Frequently asked questions concerning the Covid-19 regulations.

You will receive your test certificate about 2–4 weeks after taking the test.

If you have any questions about the test certificate, contact the test centre.

Remember to store your test certificate safely.

If you are registered with a Norwegian personal identification number (fødselsnummer), you can use ID-porten to log in to the Diploma Registry.  

In the Diploma Registry you can see your last and best results from the Norwegian Language test, Social Studies test, and the Citizenship test. You can also share your results with others in a safe and secure way. 

What is the Diploma Registry? 

The Diploma Registry is a secure service you can use to share your results from your tests, and other exams. You can use the Diploma Registry to send a link with your results to, for example, educational centres or employers. You log in to the service through ID-porten, using MinID, BankID on mobil, BankID, Buypass or Commfides. 

Are you applying for higher education? 

If you are applying for higher education, you will need to send the link to yourself and download the signed PDF-document. You will then need to upload this document to Samorda opptak’s website when you are applying. 

Are your results not visible in the Diploma Registry? 

If you cannot see your results in the Diploma Registry, even though your personal identification number is registered in Skills Norway’s test platform, you will have to contact your test centre.

The test centre can check if your personal number is registered to the candidate number you used to take the test. If you are not registered with your personal number, you will not be able to see your results in the Diploma Registry, and you will have to use the test certificate you have received in the post from the test centre. 

Is it the same as Min side? 

No, the Diploma Registry is not the same as Min side. Min side only shows your results for Skills Norway’s tests, it cannot be used to share your results others. 

Do you need a new test certificate?

You must contact the test centre where you sat the test to request a copy.