Norwegian citizenship test

Some test centres are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Your test centre will contact you by SMS and email with more information. Frequently asked questions concerning the Covid-19 regulations.

In the registration portal you will find your county and the test centres that have set dates for tests. Select the date that you want and register.

Click on this link and register for the Norwegian citizenship test 

The price of the test is given in the registration portal. Registration is binding.

It is essential that you complete the registration. Your registration will not be complete until you have chosen the payment method and received confirmation by text and email.

Read about how we take care of your privacy (privacy policy in Norwegian).

If the test centre has not set a test date, you can contact them and ask when it will be. The contact details for your test centre are given here.

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When will you receive information about the test?

The test centre will send you an information letter no later than two weeks before the test is held. The letter will tell you the date, time and place of the test. 

If you have any questions about the date of your test, contact your test centre.

What does the test cost?

The price of the test is decided by your municipality (kommune). The price varies between 300 and 2, 200 Norwegian kroner. The prices are given in the registration portal.

You can also contact the test centre to ask what the tests cost.

It is the test centers that are responsible for the payment. Common ways of paying are bank cards (as you fill in the form in the registration portal), by online banking, by invoice or by appointment with the test center. The registration is not valid until the payment is completed.

Are you unable to take the test?

Test registration is binding. This means that when you register for the test, you have to pay for it even if you are unable to take it.

If you are entitled to one free test, but cannot take that test, you must pay for the next test. If you are on sick leave, this is regarded as authorised absence, and you can take the test later.

You need to contact your test centre to withdraw your registration.

The citizenship test and the social studies test have the same syllabus, which is available at

The citizenship test has a slightly lower Norwegian language level than the social studies test. The language level in the citizenship test corresponds to level A2, while the level in the social studies test is considered to be higher than A2.

If you want to apply for citizenship, you must pass the citizenship test or take the social studies test in Norwegian.

Check with UDI for an overview of all the citizenship criteria.