M2M – From Migration to Management

A learning partnership for qualifying and recruiting more immigrant employees in management positions.

”From Migration to Management” (M2M) is a learning partnership under the European Union’s Grundtvig Programme with partners in Spain, Belgium, France, Denmark, the UK and Norway.

The aim of the project is that more immigrant employees are qualified for and recruited to positions in middle management. Employees of immigrant origin are often predominant in specific sectors but are seldom found in management positions even if they constitute a large part of the work force.

The recruitment of immigrants is considered important of democratic reasons, but also to provide good role models for second and third generations of immigrant descent.

The M2M partnership is looking for best practices of methods, models and practices already implemented to recruit managers with immigrant background.

The project also aims at identifying the most important barriers for an employee of immigrant origin aspiring for a position in middle management and also the main criteria for success.

The project is coordinated by Vox.

Project duration



  • Skills Norway, Norway (coordinator)
  • Manresa City Council, Spain
  • Centre for Intercultural Management and International Communication (CIMIC), Belgium
  • GRETA du Velay, France
  • Association for Integration of New Danes on the Labour Market, Denmark
  • Westminster Adult Education Service, the UK


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