HIPPO – How Individual Learning Pathways are Possible for Offenders

The overall aim is to facilitate the reintegration of offenders into society and into the labour market through the development of individual learning processes in prison education.

HIPPO looks at various aspects of prison education and compares systems and practices in the partner countries. Each of the partners has the responsibility for a specific topic and also organises study visits related to their specific area of responsibility. The overall goal of the project is to exchange experience and compare systems and practices within prison education.

The project has a comprehensive approach towards prison education, and it looks at what happens as to education from a person enters prison until he/she is released. This includes topics like policy and decision-making related to prison education, different practices for validation of prior learning and needs assessment, specific barriers to learning and strategies to overcome those, as well as good practices for cooperation between teachers and trainers, prison staff and administration and external organisations and services.


HIPPO is being coordinated by Vox with partners from Finland, Germany, Belgium, France and Luxemburg in addition to Norway.

Project period

HIPPO is a two-year Grundtvig learning partnership that started in the autumn of 2009.


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