Nationwide training for cultural integration

Vox is on a county-by-county tour related to the digital learning platform and national training program on social sciences for immigrants to Norway. The aim is to share experiences and feedback from tutors and adult learning leaders across the country.

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The comprehensive program is designed for immigrants with newly granted residence permit. It includes training concepts and methodologies, teaching aids, social science topics and tests. All teaching aids and tests are provided in 22 languages in the digital platform.

Several hundred teachers around the country have been qualified as tutors in the program, which was launched three years ago. New teachers will be trained during the current roundtrip.

The solution is developed by Vox. A similar program has been developed for language training.

Local challenge

Upon residency, immigrants embark on a two year compulsory and statutory introduction program including 550 hours language training and 50 hours of social sciences.

The municipality of residence is formally responsible for providing the training, which is to be taught in a language familiar to the immigrant. A total of 428 local communities are obliged to provide courses with bi-lingual teachers covering more than 30 languages according to the current language base.

This is a challenge both from a quality and capacity point of view, and many municipalities join forces to make it happen. Demand for qualified trainers is still a continuous headache to local authorities.

Tools and training

To cover training needs across the country, 350 bi-lingual citizens need to be trained and equipped to become capable of teaching social sciences to adults. A majority of the trainers are immigrants with several years of residence, strong Norwegian language capabilities and the same mother tongue as their learners. This way, they are able to feed the dialogue and translate cultural as well as linguistic aspects of the curriculum.

The current roadshow is set up to learn from experiences, identify points for improvements and best practices for sharing across the network of tutors and adult learning leaders around the country.

You may test the learning platform at

Chances are that you will find your own language among the 22 available versions.