Norwegian language test

You can register for the test in 55 days

You can register for the Norwegian language test spring from 20. January at 09:00 until 24. January at 23:59.

Here you will find all the test dates (periode, results)

It is advisable to register as soon as possible since the test centres have a limited number of places.


You can choose to register for all four parts of the test at the same time, or one or more individual parts (lese, lytte, muntlig og skriftlig framstilling). You are not allowed to register for the same part of the test more than once in the same test period.

You choose the level (A1-A2, A2-B1, B1-B2) when registering. Registration is binding.

It is essential that you complete the registration. Your registration will not be complete until you have chosen the payment method and received confirmation by text and email.

You must enter the correct address when registering for the test. If you move to a new address, you need to notify the test centre.

The Norwegian language test measures language proficiency at levels A1, A2, B1 and B2.

For the written presentation part of the test and for the oral part of the test you need to register for a test at level A1–A2, A2–B1 or B1–B2. Our self-assessment forms can help you to choose the right level.

Here is a simple explanation of what the levels mean:


You can understand and use familiar, everyday words and expressions. You can participate in a simple conversation if the person you are speaking to speaks slowly and clearly and helps you.


You can participate in simple conversations about common and practical activities that you are familiar with. You can read and understand short, simple texts related to your work. You can write short, simple messages and describe experiences and events using simple phrases and sentences.


You can understand the main points of clear text and speech about familiar topics that you often encounter in connection with work, school and leisure. You can manage in most situations that may arise, and can write simple texts on familiar topics and briefly explain and justify opinions and plans.


You can understand the main content of complex or academic texts, including academic discussions within your own discipline, and are able to participate in conversations using relatively spontaneous and fluent language, and you can write clear, detailed and argumentative texts on a wide range of topics.

How can I improve my result?

To reach a higher level, you need to improve your language proficiency in various ways:

  • You need to be able to use the language more flexibly and more precisely, in more (unfamiliar) situations, and in connection with more topics.
  • At higher levels, you can understand spoken language even when there is background noise or several people talking at the same time. You can read long texts, including those without a clear structure.

A teacher can explain and give you advice on how to improve even more and reach the next level.


Who can take the Norwegian language test?

Many test centres only accept residents of their municipality (kommune). If your live abroad or do not have a registered address in a Norwegian municipality, you need to check with the local authority if you can take the test at one of its test centres. You must do this BEFORE registering for the test.

Tests cannot be taken abroad.

If you are entitled to participate in Norwegian language training and it is mandatory for you, you can take all parts of the test free one time. The test centre will register you for the free test.

If you are not entitled to free Norwegian language training, you must pay for the test.

If you retake the test, you will be charged.

You must register for the test yourself. You can do this here when registration opens.

You can find more information about times, tests and exemptions on IMDi's website (norwegian site).

If you are unsure whether you are entitled to free Norwegian language training, you can read about the right and obligation to take language training on IMDi's website (norwegian site).

What does the test cost?

The price of the test is decided by your municipality (kommune). The price varies between 300 and 2200 Norwegian kroner. The prices are shown in the registration portal.

You can also contact the test centre to ask what the tests cost.

It is the test centres that are responsible for the payment. Common ways of paying are bank cards (as you fill in the form in the registration portal), online banking, invoice or by appointment with the test centre. The registration is not valid until the payment is completed.

When will you receive information about the test?

You will receive an information letter or mail from the test centre at least two weeks before the test is held.

The letter will tell you the date, time and place to meet for the test. The written and oral tests are normally taken on different dates.

If you have any questions about the date of your test, contact your test centre.

Are you unable to take the test?

Test registration is binding. This means that when you register for the test, you have to pay for it even if you are unable to take it.

If you are entitled to one free test, but cannot take that test, you must pay for the next test. If you are on sick leave, this is regarded as authorised absence, and you can take the test again.

You need to contact your test centre to withdraw your registration.

Here you will find all the test dates (periode, results) Do you want to practise?