Norwegian language test

Some test centres are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Your test centre will contact you by SMS and email with more information. Frequently asked questions concerning the Covid-19 regulations.

Do you want to appeal the result?

You can only appeal the result of the written presentation part of the test.
The outcome of the appeal can be the same result as before, or a higher or lower result. The result from the appeal process is final. You cannot appeal a second time.

You CANNOT appeal the results of the reading, listening or oral tests.

Appealing the result of the Norwegian language test spring, written presentation

The deadline for appealing the result of the Norwegian language test, is closed, the periode was from 22nd of June until 20th of July.

You will receive a response within 4–6 weeks. If there is a large number of appeals, it might take longer. 

Do you want to appeal on the grounds of a procedural error in the test?

Procedural errors include technical errors on the day of the test that you think may have affected your results. You need to appeal to the test centre where you took the test. The appeal deadline is three weeks after taking the test.

Did you register to take a new test before receiving a response?

If your appeal resulted in a higher grade, and you do not want to resit the test, you still have to pay for the test that you registered for.