Test in Norwegian C1 – higher academic level

Some test centres are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Your test centre will contact you by SMS and email with more information. Frequently asked questions concerning the Covid-19 regulations.

The registration period for paying candidates is closed, it was open from  15th of April until 20th of April.

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Who is this test for? 

Test in Norwegian C1 – higher academic level tests Norwegian language at a very high level. The test only contains tasks at the C1 level, and candidates are either awarded C1 or do not pass the test.  

We recommend that you talk to a teacher who is very familiar with the highest levels to determine the right test level for you.

You can also take a test to determine your recommended test level

Information about registration 

Test in Norwegian C1 – higher academic level consists of two individual parts:

  • Test in listening comprehension and written production 
  • Test in reading comprehension and oral communication 

You decide whether you want to register for both tests at the same time or just one of them. You are not permitted to register for the same test twice during the same test period, but you can register for a different Norwegian test level, in addition to taking the Test in Norwegian C1. 

The registration is binding. 

It is important that you complete the registration. You choose how to pay for the test. You are registered when you receive confirmation by text message and email. 
Check that your correct address has been registered. If you have moved to a new address, you must notify the test centre.  

Who can take the test in Norwegian? 

A number of test centres only offer the test to people who are registered in the Norwegian Population Register as living in the municipality. If you wish to take the test in a municipality other than the one you live in, you have to check with the test centre whether you can register to take the test there. This also applies if you live abroad. You must then check with a test centre in a municipality whether you can take the test there. You have to do this BEFORE you register to take the test, or you may lose your place. 

The test will not be held abroad. 

If you are entitled to participate in Norwegian language training and it is mandatory for you, you can take all parts of the test free one time. The test centre will register you for the free test.

If you are not entitled to free Norwegian language training, you must pay for the test.

If you retake the test, you will be charged.

You must register for the test yourself. You can do this here when registration opens.

You can find more information about times, tests and exemptions on IMDi's website (Norwegian site).

If you are unsure whether you are entitled to free Norwegian language training, you can read about the right and obligation to take language training on IMDi's website (Norwegian site).

What does the test cost? 

Your municipality decides what the test costs. You will find the correct prices in the registration portal. You can also contact the test centre to find out what they charge for the tests. 

The test centres are responsible for payment. Common means of payment are by bank card or Vipps (when you complete the form in the registration portal), in your online bank, by invoice or by another arrangement with the test centre. Registration is not valid until you have paid. 

When will I receive notice of the test? 

You will receive a letter/email from the test centre two weeks before the date of the test. The letter will set out the date, time and location of the test. The two tests in Test in Norwegian C1 – higher academic level may be on two different dates, but they may also be on the same day. 

If you have any questions about the date of your test, contact the test centre. 

Are you unable to take the test? 

Registration for the tests is binding. This means that when you register for the test, you have to pay for it even if you are unable to take it.

If you have a medical certificate, you can take the test at a later date without having to pay for it. 

If you are entitled to take one test free of charge, but cannot take the test, you have to pay for the next test. A medical certificate is valid absence, and you can take the test at a later date without having to pay for it. 

If you are elligible to cancel your registration, you will need to contact your test centre.

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