Bio of presenters ICCDPP Symposia Tromsø 2019

Anthony Mann, Head of the OECD VET and Adult Learning team

From the UK

at Centre for Skills, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

We have recently published on careers guidance and the role of employer engagement within it.

The OECD VET team undertakes regularly country reviews of secondary and post-secondary education and training systems with a focus on the effective provision of careers guidance. We are currently working on the role of work-based learning in secondary education and how education systems need to respond to the mega trends changing the labour market.

Following a PhD (University of Keele), I worked for many years at the Department for Education (England) before heading up research and policy at London NGO Education and Employers. I joined the OECD in 2017.

I have published extensively on questions related to careers guidance, employer engagement in education, vocational education and youth employment. My most recent book is a collection of essays on employer engagement in education.

Bjørn Heineman, Partner inFuture

From Norway

Works for inFuture

Future competence requirements in light of the second wave of digitization

MSc Industrial Economics and Technology Management (NTNU, ETH Züri

Gideon Arulmani, Dr.

From India

Works for The Promise Foundation


  • Director, The Promise Foundation (India)  and www.jivacareer.org 
  • Founder-Trustee of the Indian Association for Career and Livelihood Planning 
  • Vice President: International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance
  • Visiting Senior Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University (UK)
  • Visiting Professor, Martin Luther Christian University (India)
  • International Fellow, NICEC (Cambridge, UK)
  • International Fellow, Consortium for Multicultural Psychology Research, (Michigan, USA)
  • International Development Consultant: World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Unicef and ILO, and executed assignments for these agencies in 36 countries. 
  • In addition to implementing career guidance projects in India, I am presently leading the development of a career guidance system through the International Labour Organisation in Bangladesh.
  • In 2016, I was commissioned by the ILO in Vietnam to develop a briefing paper for the Government of Vietnam's Labour Law reform, to argue the relevance of career guidance to work force development.


  • MA: Psychology (India)
  • Mphil: Clinical Psychology (India)
  • PhD: Counselling Psychology with emphasis on career guidance (UK)

The main focus of my research has been on the interface between social cognitions, culture and work-engagement, where career guidance has been an mportant theme. I have led a number of large nation wide surveys and experimental studies in India and other countries. I have published extensively in peer reviewed journals. I have also written a book on career gudiance and edited an internaiotnal handbook on caeer development.

Lisa Taylor, President, Challenge Factory and the Centre for Career Innovation

From Canada

Works for Challenge Factory


I hold an MBA from the Schulich School of Business, York University (Toronto, Canada) in Strategic Management and Public Administration and an Honours BA from Queen's University in Political Studies. I am certified on a variety of psychometric and career assessment tools and instruments.


Current interests seeking partnerships:

  • Inclusive design of Future of Work Models and Intergenerational Initiatives
  • Psychological Safety, Brain Health and Ageing in the Workplace

Ongoing research:

  • Military to civilian career transitions
  • Five Drivers Shaping the Future of Work · Ageing Workforces as Competitive Advantage

Letshego Mokeki, Director Career Development Services

From South Africa

Works at Department of Higher Education and Training


  • Career Counsellor responsible for Employment and Retrenchment Counselling with the Department of Labour for 5 years
  • Project Manager and then Division Head for a Ford Foundation sponsored Workforce Development Programme with Joint Education Trust (now JET Education Services) for 7 years
  • Deputy Director for Career Development Services


Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology, Honours Degree in Psychology

Teija Felt Labour Market Counsellor

From Finland

Works for Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEE), Employment and Well-functioning Markets department


  • National Lifelong Guidance Coordination and Cooperation Group, chair
  • National steering group of One stop guidance –centres, chair National Continuous learning working group, representative of MEE
  • DGVT, representative of MEE of Finland


  • M.Sc. /psychology 
  • Work and Organisation Psychology further studies