A Quality Framework for Basic Skills Training Provision

With the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union, Skills Norway is aiming to create a Road Map towards a Quality Framework for Basic Skills Training Provision in all sectors of Norwegian Adult Learning.

Adequate provision of Basic Skills training (BST) for adults is one of the main conditions for the successful implementation of national policies for lifelong learning. Norway has put in place a number of measures to ensure that low qualified adults are able to take "one step up" in their qualifications, but the provision of BST is still fragmented into different sectors and areas of responsibility and its quality, although assumed to be relatively good, is not ensured by any national quality system. Some of the sectors involved have put in place a system for accreditation of providers, and measures to ensure the initial training and continued professional development of BS teachers but we lack a consistent quality framework.


  • Establishing a consensus among all sectors and stakeholders involved about the need to focus on quality of provision for BST;
  • Identifying the most urgent issues and the possibilities for synergy between initiatives in the different sectors;
  • Profiting from the work done in other European countries, by involving experts and keeping in touch with other National Coordinators;
  • Coordinating the efforts of all stakeholders with the aim of creating the first draft of a Road Map called "Towards a Quality Framework for Basic Skills Training Provision in all sectors of Norwegian Adult Learning".


At national level, a common roadmap accepted by all relevant stakeholders will contribute to increase the participation rate of low qualified and disadvantaged adults.

Through sharing of research and consultation with European actors at workshops and conferences, the results can also be transferred to other countries as a basis for their fora on quality in adult learning.

Project period

Project start-up: October 1st 2012
Duration: 24 months


The European Agenda for Adult Learning, which was formally adopted by the Council in November 2011, focuses on providing second-chance opportunities for low qualified adults by strengthening their basic skills, such as literacy, numeracy and digital knowledge. For the implementation of the new Agenda, the Commission has called on the National Coordinators. Vox was nominated as National Coordinator by the Norwegian Ministry for Education and Research in 2011.

The role of the national coordinators appointed by the EU Member States and other countries participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) is to ensure effective liaison with the relevant ministries and stakeholders, the social partners, businesses, relevant non-governmental organisations and civil society organisations, with a view to improving coherence between policies on adult learning and broader socio-economic policies.

In December 2011 the Lifelong Learning Programme Committee approved a restricted call for proposals to support the activities of the national coordinators during the period 2012–2014. Vox application was accepted in August 2012.