Forward Trainer

The Forward Trainer project was above all an awareness-raising project. It branched off from another project on reading and writing difficulties, the FORWARD project.

Forward Trainer

The project has produced a course that can be used at both international and national level. The idea behind the course was to empower the participants with specific knowledge, information, pedagogical skills and approaches to supporting adults with reading and writing difficulties.


The project’s specific objectives were:

  • to collect the experience of educators that were already offering support for adults who have reading and writing difficulties, including dyslexia
  • to compile a handbook for teachers, trainers, tutors, shop stewards on how to use different pedagogical approaches that help adults with reading and writing difficulties difficulties/dyslexia learn better. (The practical course handbook, published on the project’s web page, includes instructions and examples on running an awareness-raising course. It has been translated into eight different languages.)
  • to validate this handbook throughout a test-run course
  • to use the final outcomes as a base for a series of Grundtvig 3 courses and national courses
  • to ensure the dissemination of these results through the inclusion of this course in the G3 catalogue by some of the partners involved in the project, as well as disseminating the information about the courses by all possible means: the project’s web page, brochures, through the partners’ networks

Target groups

The target group included teachers and trainers, but the course and the handbook have been directed generally towards persons who are likely to be in the first line to meet people with reading and writing difficulties.


The project partners came from Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Great Britain, Ireland, Malta, Norway, Romania and Slovenia.

Project period



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