European Family Learning Network (EFLN)

Skills Norway is the Norwegian representative in a European network on family learning. The purpose of the project is to share experience internationally.

Family Learning is a concept that covers all learning that involves more than one generation. The method emphasises the use of existing resources within the family by building on the particular family’s starting point, strengths and competences. It also implies the use of authentic learning arenas like the neighbourhood and the home.

EFLN will present good practice from the field of family learning by means of

  • Conferences
  • Newsletters
  • The EFLN web site

EFLN is a Grundtvig 4 network with partners from eleven European countries: Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Great Britain.

By being part of the EFLN Vox can contribute valuable suggestions to the Norwegian network on family learning that Skills Norway coordinates, and our national experience can be shared with European stakeholders.


View the EFLN web site