BASKET – Professional Development of Basic Skills Trainers

The BASKET partnership aimed at establishing a meeting place for the exchange of knowledge, experience, insights and practical models related to the professional development of basic skills teachers for adults.

The partnership focussed on good practice and challenges as to the organization, implementation and delivery of the teacher training as well as pedagogical issues and didactical approaches. The main outcome of the partnership was a draft of guidelines and recommendations for further development of professional development of basic skills teachers. The partnership aspired to contribute to national and European policy through the project’s cooperation with the European Basic Skills Network, EBSN.

The BASKET partnership had partners from university and research as well as partners developing national models, curricula and training modules for the professional development of teachers teaching basic skills to adults. BASKET also had partners that act as policy advocates in this field, and partners that provide lifelong learning programs for the general public.

BASKET was a Learning Partnership within the Grundtvig/LLP programme.


  • Skills Norway, Norway (coordinator)
  • Institute of Education, University of London, UK
  • SVEB, Switzerland
  • IREA, Romania
  • DIE, Germany
  • Regional centre of Education and Language School Providing State Language Exams Pilsen, Czech Republic
  • Progress Consult, Hungary
  • Education Scotland, UK

Project period

1 August 2011 – 31 July 2013


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