Current projects

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The VISKA project

Skills Norway is currently coordinating the three-year Erasmus + project VISKA(Visible Skills of Adults), from spring 2017 to 2020.

Completed projects

ALFIE – Alphabetisation of Immigrants to Europe

The ALFIE partnership gathered policy makers, researchers, teacher training institutions and training providers in the field of “alphabetization” (initial literacy) for adult immigrants.

ALMAB – Adults Learning Mathematics Across Borders

… also referred to as Adult Life Mathematics Across Borders, primarily focused on finding appropriate educational materials in the partner countries and on showing examples of good teaching practice i...

A Quality Framework for Basic Skills Training Provision

With the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union, Skills Norway is aiming to create a Road Map towards a Quality Framework for Basic Skills Training Provision in all sectors o...

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Basic Competence Screening Tool, BaCST

BaCST is the Norwegian National Coordinator’s Agenda project for 2016-17.

BASKET – Professional Development of Basic Skills Trainers

The BASKET partnership aimed at establishing a meeting place for the exchange of knowledge, experience, insights and practical models related to the professional development of basic skills teachers f...

EMMA – European Network for Motivational Mathematics for Adults

Reading and writing difficulties receive a lot of attention – naturally. The EMMA network intends to pay the same attention to difficulties with numeracy.

ENIL - European network for intergenerational Learning

ENIL – European Network for Intergenerational Learning

Intergenerational learning arises from activities which purposely involve two or more generations with the aim of generating additional or different benefits to those arising from single generation ac...

European Family Learning Network (EFLN)

Skills Norway is the Norwegian representative in a European network on family learning. The purpose of the project is to share experience internationally.

FORWARD - Forum for Reading and Writing Difficulties among Adults

FORWARD – Forum for Reading and Writing Difficulties among Adults

The objective of FORWARD has been to create a durable European network in the area of adult literacy, with a special focus on reading and writing difficulties in adult learners.

Forward Trainer

Forward Trainer

The Forward Trainer project was above all an awareness-raising project. It branched off from another project on reading and writing difficulties, the FORWARD project.

HIPPO – How Individual Learning Pathways are Possible for Offenders

The overall aim is to facilitate the reintegration of offenders into society and into the labour market through the development of individual learning processes in prison education.

Interact – Learning new basic skills through Internet-based simulations

Internet-based Problem Solving Role-play is a short term activity which has been used in formal academic education and which may provide an innovative and stimulating way of fulfilling specific educat...

M2M – From Migration to Management

A learning partnership for qualifying and recruiting more immigrant employees in management positions.

MiA – Mathematics in Action

"Mathematics in Action" (MiA) is a European project funded by the Grundtvig 1 action, within the frame of the Socrates programme.

SEA – Specialization for European Teachers of Basic Skills for Adults

SEA is a Learning Partnership within the Grundtvig / LLP programme that brings together European researchers, teacher training institutions and education providers of basic skills instruction to adult...