eCOLE – Internet-based Collaborative Learning in Adult Education

Several Internet-based platforms have been created in recent years, opening for enormous possibilities for the integration of cross-cultural communication in adult education.


One of these platforms (TELSI), created with the support of the Telematics in Education & Training Programme, has been especially designed for activities based on the principles of Collaborative Learning (learning through group interaction, learning from discussion with your peers, student autonomy, etc.)


The investigation of the potential of Internet-based Collaborative Learning started from the assumption that the two models tested could:
  • enable a holistic approach to Adult Education throughout Europe, by involving several subjects and disciplines in short duration activities at European level (the ACROSS concept)
  • motivate adults for creative writing, in their mother tongue and in other European languages (the WebSiteStory concept)
WebSiteStory(WSS) is a model for creative writing in foreign language learning. The "stories" focused on intercultural issues, each country adding its chapter to the "story". ACROSS is a model for cross-curricular problem solving activities.


  • A sustainable network of adult education institutions
  • Examples of best practice scripts combining cross-cultural issues and cross-national curricula.
  • An evaluation of the pedagogical activities
  • A home page
    - informing about our collaborative learning projects
    - inviting other educational institutions for discussions on Internet-based collaborative learning
  • A flyer in six European languages referring to the eCOLE Web-page
  • A comprehensive report with descriptions of the activities, available from the home page: Booklet (pdf-file)