SYNERGY – Adult learning and increased awareness of environmental problems

SYNERGY was a one-year project funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The aim was to build a network of institutions in order to exchange experience and examples of good practice.

The educational institutions represented in this project feel the need to exchange factual knowledge in the field of environmental studies, didactic experience and insights, examples of good practice and creative ideas on how to improve environmental awareness in their adult population through further education.
The main activities of the project were study visits during which common challenges were discussed. There was one study visit to the Faeroes and one to Lithuania, and the SYNERGY participants also took part in an environmental conference in Lithuania in the autumn of 2002.


The most important output from the project is the web page with its various articles on environmental problems.
Project content:
The discussions and exchange of experience relate to:
  • collective updating of factual knowledge on the environmental situations in the different countries, with an emphasis on energy exploitation and consumption
  • collective updating on the measures undertaken by each of the represented countries to contribute to the solution of environmental problems
  • didactic approach to the presentation of problems to adult learners, with the purpose of enhancing their awareness of the problems and their individual responsibility
  • didactic approaches and ideas for field studies and concrete experiments to be undertaken with the student groups
  • exchange of information about other cultural factors and about the different national educational systems.


Institutions from Denmark, the Faeroes, Iceland, Lithuania and Norway took part in the project.
Coordinating institution: Vox 

Project period

2001 – 2002