REPRISE: Results Exploitation and Project Research and Information on Social Exclusion

REPRISE was developed and set up to build upon and continue the work of the European Basic Skills Network (1998 - 1999), originally set up to tackle social exclusion.

REPRISE was a project network of 12 countries. The project has looked at the impact of poor literacy skills upon social exclusion and has shared and compared practices and programmes that help to develop social inclusion.
The project worked though notes, reports, exchange visits and conferences. The material gathered was published in the Web.

Aims and Objectives

  • Identifying good practice and delivery models and sharing this with each participating country and the European Commission.
  • Collecting information and data about basic skills and social exclusion in each country through a number of surveys and thematic reports.
  • Each organisation to develop a basic skills action plan re the implementation of good practice and strategy implementation or indeed move to enhance policy development.
  • Produce a final report containing research recommendations and conclusions of those appropriate options for developing adult basic literacy/numeracy education at individual, organisational and policy levels within the participating countries.
  • Hosting a Final Dissemination conference in Brussels, Belgium, March 3rd and 4th 2005.


Institutions from the following countries took part in the project:
England and Wales, Poland, Malta, Italy, Ireland, Spain, France, Greece, Romania, Norway and Belgium.  

Project period

2002 – 2004
Coordinating institution: The Basic Skills Agency, London, England