LENA – Reading and Writing Skills for Nordic Working Life

This project, supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers through the Nordplus Voksen action, has its background in the results from well-known international surveys on reading and writing.


Although the Nordic countries come out quite favourably in these surveys, there is still a fairly large percentage of the adult population who will have difficulties with the reading and writing requirements of modern working life. In the project group we think that the Nordic countries may be able to learn from each other when it comes to ways of approaching this problem.
The acronym LENA is based on the Norwegian/Danish name of the project.   

Target group

The initial target group consists of providers of adult education, leadership and HR personnel in enterprises, union representatives. The ultimate target group, of course, is made up of persons who may need to improve their reading and writing skills.


The project partners have collected some examples of how reading and writing training has been organised in certain Norwegian and Danish enterprises. On the basis of these descriptions, and on the basis of years of experience within the project group, we try to set up certain recommendations as to how reading and writing training should be initiated and carried out in enterprises. The result is a kind of do’s and don’ts list covering at least three stages in the process:
  • the initial contact between provider and enterprise
  • the information and motivation phase
  • the organisation of the actual training


There are only Danish and Norwegian partners in the project:
  • Netværkslokomotivet, Vejle
  • VUC Thy – Mors, Thisted
  • AOF Telemark og Vestfold
  • LO Telemark
  • Vox – Norwegian Institute for Adult Learning, the coordinators of the project


The project is a one-year project covering autumn to autumn 2006/2007. It is the hope of the project group that we will receive the necessary funding to extend the cooperation into a Nordic network covering most of the Nordic countries.