EuroMIGRANET - a European network for the integration of immigrants

The aim of the project was to develop a network of European institutions which are actively involved in the integration of immigrants. A portal, also called Euromigranet, was developed.

 In the portal the various partners placed information about the national and regional integration policies, examples of good practice and relevant links.

Learning and social integration

The aim of the project has been to make the learning process and the social integration easier for adult immigrants. It was also important to view possibilities for a common European policy of equal access to lifelong learning.
The target groups of the network were primarily teachers of adults, those who work directly with adult immigrants and politicians, but the network has been open to anybody with an interest in the field.

The portal

The EuroMigranet portal contains information about the partner institutions, relevant information about integration of adult immigrants and reports from study visits.
All the five countries involved in the project received study visits. In addition to the portal the project made a flyer for information purposes.


Institutions form five countries took part in this Grundtvig 4 project: Belgium, Greece, Norway, Spain and Sweden.
Coordinating institution: Vox, Norway

Project period

2001 - 2003