CORMEA – Connecting Research and Mathematics Education for Adults

Vox takes part in the CORMEA project, a Nordic cooperation between professionals who work within mathematics education. The main purpose is to bridge the gap between teachers and researchers.

The members of the project group work in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They have a common interest in finding ways of making school teachers and researchers work more closely together. An important step in achieving this is mapping their experience of and attitudes towards mathematics education. One project goal is to use this knowledge to match teachers and researchers who share the same interest.

Here are some of the central questions that the project relates to:
  • How are mathematical-didactical research results transferred to school environments?
  • How can adults benefit from these results?
  • How can teachers present topics that may be interesting for researchers to look into?
  • How can the dialog between teachers and researchers be developed?

The project is being coordinated by Åsø Vuxengymnasium (Stockholm). The project was presented at the Mathematics biennale in Stockholm on January 31st 2008.