AKS – Accumulated Knowledge and Skills

The aim of this Leonardo da Vinci project was to do some further testing and development of a method and a tool developed by ELBUS to map the competence of employees in electro-technical companies.

ELBUS is the Norwegian Electro-technical Research and Development Centre.
The method and the tool were developed as part of the Norwegian national validation project. The tools and methods were then tested in certain other European countries. The aim was find a system for validation of competence that could be used across borders. This would enable electricians who start working in a country other than their native one to present some kind of valid documentation of competence.


The partners in the project came from Denmark, Greece, Norway, Great Britain and Sweden, and they represent organisations of employers and employees (Norway and Great Britain) and schools (Greece, Denmark and Sweden.) 


The project published two books, one in which the method is described and one which presents the tool.

Success story

The project was chosen as one of the 32 success stories to receive the Leonardo da Vinci Award 2004.
Coordinating institution: ELBUS, Norway
Project period: 2002 – 2004

Contacts in ELBUS

Svein Harald Larsen (project leader)
ELBUS, tel. +47 22 95 56 52 /50
e-mail: svein.harald.larsen@elbus.no
Hans Jacob Edvardsen
ELBUS, tel. +47 22 95 56 50
e-mail: hje@elbus.no