Vox as National Coordinator

The Norwegian Ministry for Education and Research has nominated Vox as National Coordinator for the implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning.

As National Coordinator Vox will represent the Norwegian Adult Learning sector in the Commission’s working groups for the implementation of the agenda. National Coordinators are also expected to disseminate the results of this work in their national networks and act as a communication channel between stakeholders in their country and corresponding institutions in European countries.
– Vox will act as a link between our national and international network partners. It is important for us to be present in these cooperation arenas and we are looking forward to taking care of this task, says Vox’s Director Jan Ellertsen.

Adult Learning as EU priority
The Council of the European Union published a resolution on a Renewed Agenda for Adult Learning in November 2011. For the implementation of this agenda, the Commission asked the ministries of education of member countries, ascension countries and EFTA countries to nominate National Coordinators for Adult Learning.
The coordinators will meet regularly to contribute to policy development in the field. They will also cooperate for awareness-raising at policy level about the importance of Adult Learning in a time of economic and social crisis. National Coordinators have been invited to a launching conference which will take place in Brussels on February 27th and 28th. 
– We are very pleased that the Commission has taken the initiative to organize cooperation in our field at this level. Our nomination is also a vote of confidence from our own ministry, says Ellertsen.

Double representation
The Commission has also invited relevant European associations and established networks to the launching conference in Brussels. One of these is the European Basic Skills Network, EBSN, which was established through the initiative of Vox in 2009 and counts now with 66 members in 32 countries. Graciela Sbertoli, Assistant Director in charge of International Cooperation at Vox, is currently chairing the network’s Executive Committee and has been invited to represent the EBSN at the launching conference.