The European Basic Skills Network (EBSN)

EBSN is a non-profit association gathering policy makers and policy providers engaged in basic skills training for adults.

The European Basic Skills Network

It aims at promoting excellence in policy design and policy implementation in a field that has considerable impact on education, employment, social inclusion, the fight against poverty, and sustainable economic growth.


The network’s members will contribute to better policy and practice for the enhancement of basic skills in the European population by

  • benchmarking national policy and effects
  • exchanging examples of promising policy and practice at national or regional level
  • creating a common knowledge area through the exchange of research results
  • facilitating cooperation between European stakeholders
  • raising awareness about relevant issues
  • creating a common pool of resources
  • establishing cooperation with relevant stakeholders outside Europe


Membership is open to policy makers, policy providers, research institutions and national provider associations working in the field of basic skills for adults. Membership is primarily open to institutions from all European countries, whether they are members of the EU or not, although non-European institutions are also welcome to join. Membership is institutional, not personal.

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The European Basic Skills Network was born within the Commission’s Working Group for the Implementation of the Action Plan for Adult Learning. The members of the WG, representing the educational authorities of all countries participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme, agreed (2008) that a network should be established to contribute to European and national policies for the enhancement of basic skills in the adult population.

The European Basic Skills Network was officially launched in June 2010. The secretariat is currently run by Skills Norway. The Hungarian Association for Lifelong Learning will take over the secretariat responsibility from Jan 1st 2013.


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