International Cooperation

Skills Norway believes that the interests of adult learning in Norway are advanced through cooperation and international exchange of experience.

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International networks

Sharing knowledge and experience, both in Europe and beyond, is an important focus of the activity in all departments at Skills Norway and our agency is actively engaged in the European Commission’s work for the development of adult learning policy. We coordinate and participate in international networks and research in the fields of basic skills, validation of non-formal and informal learning, career guidance, and educational and social integration of immigrants.

National Coordinator

Skills Norway is the current Norwegian National Coordinator for the European Agenda for Adult Learning, and the New Skills Agenda for Europe.

In the framework of the Agenda, the Commission has established a network of national coordinators (NC). The role of the NCs is to contribute to implementation of the EU Agenda at national level and to liaise with the relevant ministries, stakeholders and other partners, with a view to promote and improve policies on adult learning. The coordinators meet regularly to contribute to policy development in the field and they also cooperate for awareness-raising at policy level about the importance of Adult Learning and the need for cohesive national policies.


Skills Norway is the National Support Service for EPALE, a multilingual open membership community for teachers, trainers, researchers, academics, policy makers and anyone else with a professional role in adult learning across Europe.

Community is at the heart of EPALE. It is set up around the sharing of content related to adult learning, including news, blog posts, resources, and events and courses.

EPALE is funded by the European Commission, as the latest development in an ongoing commitment to improving the quality of adult learning provision in Europe. Read more about the EU policy on adult learning. 

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International projects

Skills Norway is keen to participate in knowledge and experience sharing activities at Nordic, European and international level and we actively engage in projects between nations mainly at policy level. What we learn from our international cooperation activities gives valuable input to our work at national level. Sharing and disseminating information about Norwegian policy and practice in the field of lifelong learning is also one of our tasks.